There are plenty of museums in Lawrence, and so you and your family are about to see all kinds of unique and interesting things. There is an art museum, a biodiversity museum, a museum with local history on display and more. Which of them would you like to visit first? Here are the top four museums in Lawrence KS that you might want to take the family to see.

The Biodiversity Institute & Natural History Museum is located at Dyche Hall at the University of Kansas. There are live snakes there, just to give you an idea of what to expect. You will see insects, birds, a beehive and all kinds of different wildlife. There are also stuffed animals, and reviews point to the fact that the museum is a great place for kids to enjoy. Additionally, people say that this institute and museum has something for everyone.

You were told there was an art museum. The Spencer Museum of Art is located at 1301 Mississippi Street, and there is artwork from famous artists like Andy Warhol there. People especially have good things to say about the quilt exhibit there. Reviews also mention bronzes from the turn of the century, wall hangings and Indian pottery. Are you ready to see some juxtapositions of art?

The museum mentioned where you get to learn about local history is the Watkins Museum of History. Local museums are fun to visit because you get to learn information about a place that you can’t learn anywhere else. There is a playhouse the kids will enjoy, and if you’re a local, the staff are said to be very helpful when it comes to genealogy research. Even the architecture of the building is simply amazing.

Haskell Cultural Center & Museum is the 4th place to visit, and it is located at 155 Indian Avenue. Just a heads up, the history on display at this museum is quite heartbreaking. It’s about the colonization of the Native Americans. People say it is certainly an interesting place to visit in Lawrence KS to learn more about the history of the area.

Do you think you will enjoy visiting these four museums? There are other interesting places to visit and things to see in Lawrence, too. See what all you learn about the city and its people as you stop by the four local museums. They will complete your adventurous vacation.